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Cabintek is a company located in the heart of log country, Central Wisconsin that specializes in log construction.  We have met and advised hundreds of log home owner’s and enthusiasts over the years. One of the most asked questions revolves around log home maintenance. Existing log homes that have log maintenance issues are the result of poor home  design or improper log care.  The challenge for prospective log home owners is the lack of readily available information and expertise.  Although well intentioned many traditional  home designers and home builders lack the experience required to properly design and construct these unique structures.  Unfortunately  bad log home owner experiences really hurt our industry. Properly built and maintained log homes can last for many, many generations.

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Here is my very blunt advice to you:

"DO NOT BUILD A LOG HOME UNLESS YOU HAVE EXPERTS IN YOUR CORNER" - Invest a little extra time, energy and yes a little money at the front end of your dream log home.  If you do not you may build a “money pit”.  Log repair and maintenance can cost tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily down the road.

If you already own a log home in need of maintenance do not just cover up the problem.  Solve the underlying cause that created that problem.

By now you get the message...Get Expert Advice! 

Log building is not rocket science but uninformed and inexperienced designers and contractors can create a nightmare for you. No matter how big or small you log building project we want to help. Let us help coach you and your team through this exciting experience.  We have engineers, designers, craftsman and log builders on staff to help you.  But most important we have decades of log and construction experience available to you

Mark Wille
Cabintek LLC
920-390-4999 or

Log Home Shopping
Our Team
We have done the log supplier research for you. We represent three of the finest handcrafted log package builders in the world. We can offer massive western red cedar logs with unique natural features only available in red cedar. If the home you’re dreaming of is a log home that brings back memories of days past spent in the northern mid west then white or red pine is the log of choice. We also distribute super strong Douglas fir logs. Douglas fir allows more complex roof designs and spans.

Pioneer Logs Homes of British Columbia

Pioneer specializes in western red cedar logs harvested from the interior of British Columbia. Pioneer is renowned as one of the most respected handcrafted log home manufactures in the world. They can brag about building the largest wood home structure in the world located in Colorado. If you are interested in having one of the most unique log homes in the country check out Pioneer. Log sizes can be in excess of 40” in diameter. Log packages pricing can range from $100.00 and up per square foot depending on complexity.

Koski Log Homes of Ontonagon Michigan
Jerry Koski is one the most respected log handcrafters in the United States. He features white and red pine harvested in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Koski has build hundreds homes that are in the 1800 to 2000 square foot range. The great thing about white pine is that the log diameter can range up to 30” in diameter and is really impressive when compared to a machined log home. Pricing for large log packages can range from $60.00 per square foot and up.

Norse Log Homes of Vancouver Island British Columbia
Norse Log Homes offer incredibly strong Douglas fir harvested from Vancouver Island in Canada. Norse specializes in fairly complex homes due to the strength of Douglas fir. Log diameters run somewhat smaller than white pine or cedar generally up to 18” in diameter. Douglas fir log packages offers exceptional value per square foot. Unique roof systems are their specialty. We can offer more complex home packages starting at $45.00 per square foot. We promise that a personal visit with one of our owners will simplify a confusing Journey

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