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About "The Woody Log Cabin System"
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What is "The Woody"

Cabintek the parent company of Everything Log, a log material supply company and The Woody, is a premier authentic log home builder specializing in one of a kind log homes (see Over the years we have learned from our travels that an authentic handcrafted log home is not for everybody.  Many log building enthusiast want a piece of the log home dream but certain constraints make that dream impossible.  The Woody has been painstakingly designed to offer a log building that can be literally tailored to any dream at prices most can justify.  We have learned that affordability is not as important as being able to justify the expense of a log building.  Dreams often stay just dreams because of expense.

"Think Out of the Box"

The Woody can be configured not only as a traditional log cabin but a log room addition, log screen room, log storage building, log garden house, log home office, log play room, log out door kitchen, log recreation or theme room or what ever you can dream.  How about having a Woody installed right at your principle residence for a screen room or an outdoor kitchen as part of your landscape plans.  Enjoy a log building everyday right at home.

The Woody is a log building system that relies on common parts used to configure unique log structures.  By using common log and hardware parts maximum dollar value is achieved still allowing the flexibility of  custom design.  All parts used are designed to satisfy most local building codes and remember the building you design can be permanent or portable.  The Woody can be insulated, plumbed and heated.  Electrical installation is a breeze.  Just think of that recreational property you have owned for years dreaming some day you will build you dream log home.  Why not start with the “Woody” log cabin for those weekend stays.  It can serve as a log bunk house or log garage once your dream house  is complete.

Designed for the "Do It Yourselfer"
Fully illustrated installation instructions allow for EZ installation of your Woody.  If installation is not your thing we have installers available through out the country to install The Woody for you. 

Imagine entertaining your family and friends on a warm summer evening in your very own log screen room.  Put a steak on the grill and mix a drink and enjoy the company  in a bug proof log room, just like being “up north“.  Can you think of a better work environment than a log home office.  Meet with clients and suppliers in the privacy of a stand alone log home office right on your property.  Design it to your individual needs with The Woody log building system.


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