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Many home builders want to explore the possibility of being their own general contractor. Sometimes cost is the motivation and sometimes control is the concern. By choosing Cabintek Construction Services you can have the best of all worlds. We can guide you through the design and budget process as well as recommend the right log supplier. We work for you. All budgets and costs are transparent. We are paid a guaranteed fee depending on how much help you need. We can arrange all subcontractors or use yours. Cabintek specializes in guiding everyone through the maze of building a log home. From budgets to suppliers, we have the experience to let you realize your dream.
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Log Home Design Cabintek offer a free initial consulation to help you understand the process of building an authentic log home including lot selection.
Logify Log Components Cabintek can create custom log home plans or modify existing plans to meet your budget. Together we’ll Get “R” Done!
Log Home Construction Help Cabintek work with the finest log suppliers in the world, whether you want impressive Western Red Cedar, super strong Douglas Fir or massive White Pine, Cabintek gets the logs you desire on time and on budget.
Log Home Consulting Services A hallmark of Cabintek is creativity. Looking for the perfect log home décor? We have partnered with a small group of talented craftsmen that build custom furniture and furnishings. We have the technical expertise to structurally design creative elements into a sound log home.
Log Home Consulting Services Cabintek understands that every homeowner has different needs, we stand ready to help you in whatever capacity you require. We offer full service log home consultation to help with everything from purchasing land & building your log home to incorporating creative authentic furnishings & décor.
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