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Cabintek is seeking partners to join our sales team. The construction market is ripe for new innovative ideas and we have found a “nitch” and would like to talk to you about. This is a terrific retailing opportunity. Cabintek is the parent company of several log building and supply businesses. Our log home supply business has grown significantly over the past few years and we want you to join our team. We are seeking people who want to grow and prosper in the new burgeoning market consisting of log home enthusiasts. We offer a line of log related products and buildings that fit all budgets and dreams. Contact us to explore how you may get involved in the log supply business.
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We are looking for: We offer the following:
• Retail garden and building supply dealers • Protected territories
• General Contractors • Unique log products
• Home Builders (conventional and log) • Internet marketing support
• Landscape Contractors • Marketing literature
• Home Designers • Personal factory support
• Home Improvement Contractors • Charge card made simple
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