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Railing Samples are Available!
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When I ordered my first set of railings from a far away supplier I was very nervous about getting the right lengths and parts needed. Cabintek’s Everything Log has an exclusive offer for you. We will send you a FREE sample of railing that will include, one splice post (this is a large 6”x48” vertical post used between sections of railing), 2 4” rails approximately 2’ long (these are the horizontal top and bottom rails that the spindles fit into) and 3 3”spindles (balusters) that fit into the top and bottom rail. The spice post will include the joist yoke (patent pending) for ease in mounting to the deck and a full set of installation and measuring instructions. All railings are designed for normal local codes (4” between balusters and 36” high).

The sample is free for your inspection for 30 days to help you plan your railing configuration. We will require a deposit of $75.00. We will include a return mailing address label for ease in returning if you do not order railings. Should you decide to order railings from Everything Log you will receive a credit of $75.00 on your order. Some of the parts in you sample can be used in your railing order. If we do not hear from you for 30 days we will process and charge your card $75.00.

Our railing posts can be flush mounted through the deck and anchor to the floor joist or it can be face mounted to the rim joist. Mounting through the deck is easier, much stronger and gives a cleaner look. Through mounting is much easier for measuring. Just give us the centers of the floor joists you want to mount a post to and we will custom build the railing sections to your measurements. If a floor joist does not exactly match the configuration of you deck joist layout simple blocking can solve the problem. (See diagram. The distance between posts can not exceed 96”.) Stair railings are more complicated to measure. We will send you stair railing measuring instructions with your log railing sample. We also offer personal measuring and installation services.

Call for details or to order a log railing sample. Your personal customer manager is Michael Wille. Please call 920-390-4999 or email

Log Cabins Actual  Log Railing Sample
Actual Log Railing Sample
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Character White Cedar Log Railing
Character White Cedar
(The Rolls Royce of Railings)
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Log Railing Smooth White Cedar
Smooth White Cedar (Machined)
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