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Q.  What building codes might affect my ability to install a Woody at my home or on my land?
A.  Contact us. We will give you a list of questions that will help us answer any potential permit/zoning concerns. We have permit/building code experts on staff.  The Woody has been designed to adhere to national building codes (UDC).   A complete set of blue prints come with the purchase.  These are sent prior to the building delivery so you can get a jump on the permit process if necessary.

Q. Can the Woody be attached to my home as a room addition?
A. There is no problem attaching the Woody to most buildings.  We can help with design concerns especially how the roof might tie into the existing roof. Actually room additions are one of the larger uses of the Woody

Q.  Will the Woody look “goofy” attached to my vinyl sided house?
A.  Actually there is a nation-wide trend in housing today that encourages different motifs for each room.  The days of common paint, moldings, cabinets, stain color throughout the house are over.  Home owners are encouraged to “think out of the box”.  Your log room addition will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Q.  What kind of foundation or floor structure do I need for the Woody?
A.  The Woody can be built on a concrete slab, basement, crawl space or deck.  Included in the instruction plans are design criteria for foundation requirements depending on usage.  Actually with certain preparations The Woody can be built right on the ground.

Q.  Why do you say permanent or portable?
A.  The Woody is designed to be installed as a permanent structure such as a room addition to your home or portable for stand-alone buildings such as a play room, home office or party room.  In many municipal jurisdictions permits are not required for portable structures not attached to the house.

Q.  Can The Woody be insulated, heated, plumbed and have electricity?
A.  Yes we have insulation, heating and electrical options available.  Plumbing can be installed if desired.

Q.  Can I add on to The Woody or change window, door or screen locations?
A.  At any time wall logs, windows, doors, screens can be easily removed or added in any “bay”. Wall logs can be removed and used in another location to easily add onto The Woody.

Q.  I have additional questions-how do I get answers?
A.  My personal cell phone. 262-853-1492 I will get back to you Mark Wille-President “The Woody”

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