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"The Woody Log Cabin System" Conditions and Warranty
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What if after delivery I am not happy with the product? We understand you may have trepidation about ordering a log building that may not meet your expectations. Because our system uses standard parts which can be used in another Woody Cabintek is the only company that will return your purchase price in full should any problem arise after delivery. No questions asked . Cabintek can return the entire purchase price because we can sell your Woody to another client who wants to save a fortune. Only a certain quantity of cabin logs are available each year, so demand is far greater that supply. There are a few simple restrictions to this general policy. Please ask for details when you contact us.
Before the final ordering of your Woody Log Cabin a detailed list of terms and conditions that apply to this unbelievable warrantee will be available for your review and written acceptance.
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