The Woody Log Cabin

The Most Cost-Effective Log Cabin Building System Available Anywhere!

Explore The Woody Log Cabin Building System™ and Learn Why

The Woody Log Cabin

The Most Cost-Effective Log Cabin Building System Available Anywhere!

Explore The Woody Log Cabin Building System™ and Learn Why



Costs Generally Excluded in Cabin Cost Estimates

Future Cabin Owners

In order to help understand the costs associated with your log cabin, we have broken the home building material costs into three easy to understand building phases (information provided after this page). However, before we get to the phases of material that effect your cabin costs provided by Cabintek, there are other costs associated with building a complete cabin to move into. The costs associated to the right are potential expenses Cabintek does not include in the three phases of your cabin materials.

We will do our best to provide guidance on the items to the right, but location, customer preference & municipal codes can drive cost variation.

General Events Included/Excluded
Land acquisition Excluded
Building site preparation Excluded
Driveway / Roads Excluded
Sewer / Septic Excluded
Well / Water Excluded
Utilities / Electric / Gas / Other Excluded
Permits / Surveys Excluded
Engineering fees Excluded
Building Stake out Excluded
Truck unloading equipment Excluded
Foundation Excluded
Phase 1, 2, 3 Installation Excluded

The Woody Building System Phases

We will talk to you about three phases of building your cabin:

Phase 1 - Your Woody Kit – Blueprints, Exterior Log Walls, Vertical Logs/Support, Decorative Timber Rafters & Hardware, Closure Boards, Windowsills, Flashing & Specialty Hardware

Phase 2 - Phase 1 + Roof Structure Framing & Roof Deck, Roof Insulation, Knotty Pine Ceiling, Exterior Doors, Windows, Storage Loft Framing & Deck, Cabin Floor Framing & Subfloor, Floor Insulation If Required, Exterior Deck Framing & Decking – If Required, Gable Finish Material, Interior Wall Framing (Asphalt or Metal Roof not generally included – we recommend local roofing contractors)

Phase 3 - Phase 2 + All other material, utilities & appliances to complete your cabin

We are often asked what will be the total cost of my log cabin. A rule of thumb is 3x the Phase 2 cost. Depending on the cabin and your needs, this number could vary in either direction – the large variable is often labor after completion of Phase 2...back to the value of the Woody Building System, we control the majority of material costs and save you much of the labor time to get you Dried In!

Phase 1 Costs - Log Shell

Elevation of Typical Phase 1 Components

Typical Phase 1 Components

Phase 1 materials are the log cabin components, which are manufactured and assembled in our plant, made specific for your log cabin. Materials subject to change at any time.

Rapid Cabin Series

x Blueprints x Instruction Manual x Log Sip Panels
x Cabin Column Posts x Window Sills (Stools) x Timber Rafters & Hardware
x Gable End Panels x Window Trim & Door Framing Kit x Flashing
x Specialty Log Kit Hardware x Log Column Siding x Pine for Interior Wall & Gable Finishing
x Interior Column Cover x Seals    

Phase 2 Costs - Dry In Components

Elevation of Typical Phase 2 Components

Typical Phase 2 Components

Phase 2 materials are the remaining common materials to get your cabin weathertight. These materials can be sourced by you to save on cost (mainly shipping and handling). Materials list can be provided to you. Materials & cost subject to change at any time.

Typical Phase 2 Components

Basic Phase 2 Materials, materials are generally similar for both Rapid Cabin & Classic Series (x marks inclusion):

x Slider or Single Hung Energy Star Low Maintenance Vinyl Windows x Loft Materials x Exterior Flush Metal Doors & Hardware
x Gable Insulation - As req. x Floor Insulation - As req. x Roof Insulation
x Woody exclusive gable log siding x Interior Stairs (Standard)    
x Floor Framing x Subflooring    
x Roof Framing x Roofing Watertight Membrane    
x Interior Wall Framing x Linear Feet of Interior Wall Framing Included   Ft.
x Deck Posts x Pine Fasciaor Equal    
x Deck Substructure x Exterior Decking (Treated Pine)   Sq. ft.

Phase 3 Costs - Finish "Turnkey" Components

Phase 3 components are all the remaining materials associated with your cabin to allow you to move in after Phase 1 & 2 are complete. We generally provide estimates to you for typical builder's grade components to help finish your cabin. Due to customer preference, most cabin owners will source these components on their own, having a better ability to control their budget and selection. These components include items such as:

• Interior wall covering (drywall, knotty pine, paneling, etc.)
• Plumbing fixtures
• Lighting fixtures & electrical utilities
• Casework
• Kitchen fixtures, cabinets & countertops
• Interior doors & hardware
• HVAC components
• Stoves/Fireplace
• Loft & stair railings

Finish Turnkey Log Cabin Components




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